11, January 2016

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When silence is golden
Ever noticed how much noise there is in our everyday life? While I’m typing this I can hear the white noise of traffic on the major road half a kilometre away. I don’t, for once, even have the radio on. It’s usually in the background, quite gentle, and tuned to ABC Classic FM; soothing stuff for the most part. I need peace and quiet when I work, which is why I work alone. Surrounded by people I can feel my annoyance rising.

A trip to the post office will take me into a noisy mall, all tiled floors and hard surfaces. It’s only when I walk out and head towards home (I walk to the PO rather than take the car for environmental and health reasons) that I realise how awfully loud mens chateau parka canada goose store was in there. And mens chateau parka canada goose store IS awful, a cacophonous din of doof doof music from the fashion shops, kids crying, people talking loudly so mens chateau parka canada goose store can be heard over the music.

Noise can affect our moods. Shopping mall noise – any constant, loud noise really – can make us short tempered, or in a work situation, decrease our concentration. It’s no surprise that people are addicted to their iPods, choosing their own musi