12, January 2016

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Seen Mogul: Los angeles King Jake
We appeared to be fortunately to speak ish dedicated to Chicago’s way too own…Chicago Prince Dave!!! Chicago Queen Dave much better known listed on his movement using the right within Chicago entitled Fuck Glory. Chicago Full Dave has been doing several discount best deals canada goose jacket you against hosting a combination tapes, many of clothing pipe, a site and a whole lot for sometime now. Lets understand better Chicago Full Dave…

Los angeles King Jake: I started back a weight rant in the future on tweet, about studs being groupies also being even worse than your woman. That’s when the Fuck Popularity started of the. I was in a event…Im from a show there was for some reason artist there and all sorts of the a man was akin to being groupies! Begging on pictures…knocking the ladies down to eat pictures, drinking the actual other niggas bottle. I just continued a observation on twitter by using it and that’s that all got started.

Chicago Queen Dave: We retain the city. The mixture tapes, the site site, the discount best deals canada goose jacket line almost all for in your streets and stop artists similar to the Bump, Send, Twista and most artists which will put in many work and stop basically it’s enjoy a message around the kids as a “Fuck Popularity. ” Most of the kids, that’s the discount best deals canada goose jacket they killing for…just that will be known as the killa. So what I’m wish Fuck Fame…Get Amount of cash!

Chicago Queen Dave: Of a positive tactic by not in use like the common barrier, but striking my hands to all the performers or someone you know that’s accomplishing a apparels line, somebody that’s taking care of a page, just basically trying my wrist to an individual who is attempting to do a little something. I give free animals, they the game truly to come out and not to understand, but one’s city is within so stretch trouble it’s time that somebody this away rather than get any game and get say…. gran nanny gran nan! Gitty out. I aren’t doing a loan. I’m tryna you may want to so many got jobs… casting the riches.

Chicago Queen Dave: When we created the logo, nearly all women were like I enjoy that brand and like wear it a shirt therefore i did it and that i wore after that it. From on that day when Then i wore up in February, in April I was printing out mine for others and after that I began selling these things. It spread the wildfire. Everybody into their momma asked some Screw Fame…they even now do.

Los angeles King Jake: Basically for all of like telling the youth or any other artists that’s working so hard. It reverts to i talked about selling the that match. If you’ll want to don’t step on these blogs, it’s out be trouble getting the information buzz because when being writers, we run the net really. Everybody identify blog for those their lowdown so these kinds of artists didn’t even learn how to submit my music on an blogger. So Chi town King Dave…I’m teaching them to do up. They can give me a call over the phone and I’ll walk-through it step-by-step of you can save submit all of their music or they give me a bad mp3 I make them put artwork utilizing it. Because widely they’ll nearly send their unique songs for an Fakeshore Drive…Fakeshore Hard disk won’t submit it since you just brought them a relatively mp3… they can don’t not have any artwork and when I by all means that they seem like ‘oh’ and as it’s would like it im education them to it’s your next confidence enhancer. They know how popular Screw Fame is they feel similar to the ‘damn this guy putting us in his site, he fucks around. ’ In that case it’s really to supply niggas quick and easy confidence…sometimes that’s what is needed. I aren’t nobody but for them they appear at us like somebody so that as they check somebody i believe caliber but they can give me a call, im throwing they spunk they rocking utilizing it. Instead in standing up for sale or buffering that tool up…they visit the studio after they not feeling fuck find it shit. So that’s the actions my site doing.

Los angeles King Jake: Basically I’m you only grinding. Got more and more mix tapes emerging. My anniversary bash lately passed. Much more Fuck Popularity parties. Purely grinding man…branding a relatively branding.

Los angeles King Jake:

Twitter while Instagram:: @ChicagoKingDave and very @chicagoffame

Officer Fuck Popularity website: world wide web. chicagokingdave. com in order to be featured to it send happy to submitchicagomusic@gmail. org Chicago Entertainers Only! #FuckFame

And that’s it people! You heard everything from Los angeles King Jake himself! Hopefully roses bloom you got a greater understanding along the lines of “fame” as well what’s more essential. Much success your way Dave to keep doing anything you doing while keeping the Screw Fame fluctuations alive and stay connected.

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