12, January 2016

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back to real life
Ok, that’s not to say that life in Addis wasn’t life. But this seems so much more the daily grind!

We have a family wedding to go to in a few weeks time. Both the dresses that I have that would be suitable, I can’t remember whether I wore either of them to the last family wedding, so methinks its time for a new dress! I made the girls one each before we went away, in preparation (hoping they wouldn’t grow too much in the mean time!), so I think after all that work, I deserve a new one too!

I dreamed up an idea for a dress while wishing I was asleep on the plane on the way home. Somewhere over the north western edge of Australia, I guess.

My idea was to have a cream yoke, with ruched band around midriff, and a black georgette floaty skirt. The plan was to embroider on the yoke. So yesterday we went shopping and of course we couldn’t find the perfect dress pattern – I seem to be adapting patterns more and more these days – but my husband found a Burda one that is adaptable to what I want, and what’s more, canada goose jackets fur store was on special! We bought some lovely cream delustred satin (not the bridal satin – being silk, canada goose jackets fur store was rather a lot more than I wanted to pay!), black georgette, and linings for each part.

I decide to have beading on the yoke instead of embroidery – its an evening wedding – so designed that last night. I’ll be using a mix of beads, and some swarovski crystals. I want it to sparkle! So hopefully I will get the chance to start that today.

My sister broke her wrist quite spectacularly last night, falling off her lounge while standing there to close the curtains. Well done. Thankfully we were home to look after her kids, while she and her husband went to the hospital. The Aviator (my nephew, mentioned in my last post) loves flags and was excited to see an Ethiopian flag sitting on our sideboard. Its actually for him, but we didn’t want to give the kids their gifts without their parents being there. So he’ll just have to wait a bit longer for that excitement.

We also visited my Pa (grandfather) yesterday, as he had a stroke soon after we went away. He’s had to move into a hostel, out of independent living, so that’s been a big canada goose jackets fur store for him and my mother and aunt. It was good to see him, and find out how well he is doing. He’s having trouble finding the right words to use, which frustrates him no end. I really sympathise with this, at it was something that happened to me when I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. But it was lovely to see his new room, and the grounds that the hostel is in are lovely.

Still haven’t found any 1 birr baguettes…